Things to do Before Moving to a new House

Moving to a new house can be a fun experience, but if this is the first time you’re trying to pack to move to a new home, it can be quite hard. There are many things to consider and to prepare besides getting all your things inside the house, but don’t worry any further. In this article we’re going to help you prepare or remind you for all the things that you have to do before you move to a new house, so make sure you read this post to find out more about it.

onlineCheck all the connections

Make sure that before you move all the connections are working correctly, especially water and electricity. Connections are something that you have to prepare and might take more than a week, some might even take a month, so consider contacting a utility connection company to help you with all the connections that you need.

carMoving truck

Moving truck can be quite expensive especially when it takes more than one trip, so make sure that you book the moving vehicle at least a week before and to take all the small things with you so that the truck will have more space for all the big stuff in the truck. Our tip is to get an inspection of your car in case your house is much farther than your old one.

Sell or throw away your stuff

Since you’re going to move then, this is the perfect time to sort your stuff, and you can throw away or sell the old things that you’re not going to use again. Websites such as eBay and Amazon will gladly accept your old stuff, and you can price it however you want, our suggestion is to sell it half the original price, and try to let it go since you’re going to get some money while also creating some space for your new home.

professionalTell the school

If you have kid chances are you might want to tell the school that you’re going to move so that the school will know. Sometimes moving out from house to house might take days, and even a week. Or, you might have to move further away, causing your kid to change schools, if so you might want to tell the school first so when the time comes, taking care of the documents will be much easier without no problem at all.